What is a Cleveland Brown

Cleveland Browns, the American Football team from Ohio that compete in the National Football League in the North Division, used to be one of the favorite teams in the competition. They have taken their name after the original coach, Paul Brown, and they are the only team on the NFL that has not a logo in the helmet of the players. The Browns have won the inaugural competition, and in 1954, 1955 and 1964.

In 1995 the owner of the team was making plans to move the Browns to Baltimore, but fans from Cleveland strongly opposed, so they reached a compromise to establish the Baltimore Ravens and to retain contracts of the Browns. Everything that The Browns owned were kept in trust, and the NFL considered the franchised suspended until in 1999 they resume play, but it has been very hard for them ever since.

Since they have resumed their play, they only won two seasons in 2002 and in 2007 and no playoff wins at all. There is a notable lack of stability and much work to do to recover their name back, what is a Cleveland Brown? Jim Brown is certainly a Brown, in recent declarations he stated that he will be one forever no matter what happens.

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